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Chevalier by Bree M. Lewandowski

This is our second book review for Bree. We also reviewed August Nights.

Linah Morane, a well-known woman of Meridionalis has been scorned and taunted her entire life due to her abnormalities. After the humiliation of being abandoned at the altar, she humbly accepts the unexpected marriage proposal to the King’s Vizier, Kohl. Her heart still fluttered each time she fondly remembered their first and only dance together.

The depth in her eyes was emphasized by the rare hue of cerulean that peered into his soul. Those eyes had stopped the very beating of Kohl’s heart. He had fallen in love with her that very moment. Over the years, her poise and grace to overcome the whisperings were admirable on a royal level. Then fate arrived and Kohl lept at the opportunity to have Linah as his bride.

Seeking safety for his wife after learning of impending war, they journey through the forests and mountain caves until Kohl is mortally wounded. Linah turns to the Nightingale Queen and her gift of healing for help, but is unaware of the damaged past the Nightingale Queen and her husband share.

Secrets are exposed and loyalties shift in this thrilling tale of love and war!

A little about Bree first:


I love pasta and I can’t swim. Three furry babies keep me company along with a husband. My day job is filled with music and movement as a dance teacher.

Coffee is wonderful. Coffee spurns my writing. I’m a married lady with three furry babies and my day job is teaching dance. I eat noodles like they’re vegetables and I can’t swim. Bios are weird to write.

Terence Vickers Review: 5-Stars

Chevalier by Bree M. Lewandoski

I will give Chevalier five-stars, something that is quite rare for me.

The prologue was nicely done. If I itemized all the world building elements it introduced it would seem like a huge info dump. However, the names of all the major cities, an idea of the layout, the technology and a passing acquaintance with the cast, is delivered so smoothly in scenes and dialogue you don’t notice. When I got to chapter one I had a pretty good background on the lay of the land, who the people are and who their enemies are, and what the scrap is about. A great job of world building in for such a short book.

Romance hits right away with a lovely bride, Linah, jilted at the altar and leaving the church married to a man she would never have dared hope would remember her, King Mathius’ Visier. Their nuptial bliss is spoiled however by threats of widespread violence as propaganda pamphlets delivered by steamships creates unrest among the citizens and a peace treaty gone wrong that starts a war with the Rubra, peaceful diplomacy failing in the face of financial gains and losses. Encounters with a secluded society, supernatural beings, and magic, kept me reading straight through to the end.

All in all a good read with plenty of surprises in store. Beware though you will want to read the rest of the series right away.

RA Winter’s Review: 4.5-Stars

Chevalier is a historical Fantasy Romance. Honestly, the way it is written is like a Regency Historical fantasy, which is kinda neat.

The cover is very beautiful and I understand the author’s reasoning behind this type of art. A true historical romance cover might not have been well received or it could confuse the reader.

Bree Lewandoski brings her world to life in full descriptions.

Linah is left standing alone at the altar on her wedding day. The talk of the town because of her deformed hand, she’s devastated as the town looks on. The King’s vizier, Kohl, a man she danced with once, abruptly proposes marriage and they’re immediately in the church.

Linah is whisked off to the countryside as war brews. Kohl orders her to the coast to keep her safe while he attends court duties. But the war finds Lenah and Kohl must rush to find her.

The novel jumps back and forth in time, diving us into the characters development and motivations. Each character is damaged in some way, either physically or mentally and they both have a lot to overcome, but love builds between the two of them as a war tries to break them apart.

There are a lot of interesting tidbits in this novel. Some spirits, super-human strength, and a witch all make their appearances.

I’m giving it 4.5-stars for fantasy and romance readers who also love historical/Regency romances.

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